Welcome to the official website of the Kalavasos Association UK!

Our organisation has been around for over 45 years however the primary aims and ambitions have remained the same – to connect and keep in touch with the UK-based Kalavasiotes through the organisation of annual events and initiatives.

About Kalavasos

Kalavasos is a traditional Cypriot village located about 40km southwest of Larnaca and built on the west bank of the Vasiliko River.

The name Kalavasos originates from the ancient Greek word ‘vassa’ which means woody valley and the village dates back to medieval times. The village was once a copper mining area and the remains of the mines and trains can still be seen. Today the region is a very significant archaeological site with the “Tenta” settlement hosting a number of artefacts dating back as far as 7500 B.C.

Close to the sea, as well as the popular resort of Limassol, Kalavasos is increasingly becoming a popular tourist destination.

The Organisation’s links with Kalavasos

Whenever the opportunity arises our Organisation helps the village of Kalavasos and individuals in need:

  • Contributing to the Village-Square’s (the Platea’s) cultural renovation: Kalavasos Association UK made a substantial financial contribution towards the completion of the project.
  • Contribution towards the repair and maintenance of the Village Church Iconostasi.
  • Contributions to the running of the Village Nursery.
  • Contributions to villagers in need: in the past the Association has sent three wheelchairs for villagers with disabilities while also making donations to others with financial needs.

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