Thinking About our Members in these Difficult Times

We hope that family and friends of the Kalavasos Association UK are doing well and staying safe at home during the covid-19 crisis 🙏🏼 Here are a few helpful links on how to deal with being at home:

🌈 Community support from the Cypriot Federation UK:

🌈10 tips from the NHS on how to deal with covid-19 anxiety:…/eve…/coronavirus-covid-19-anxiety-tips/

🌈Complete a short nhs quiz to get free tailored advice with your very own Mind Plan:…/every-mind-matters/your-mind-plan-quiz/

For any further enquiries from the Kalavasos Association committee, even if you’re just feeling lonely and would like to speak to someone, please contact Marios Demetriou on +44 796 1310659.

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